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Welcome to the Feibus Family Web Site.  
This site is dedicated to the Feibus family as we become larger and more geographically dispersed. Hopefully this site allows the family to find each other and to build a "living" family tree.

Click the links in the left menu bar to walk the family tree or to find another member of the Feibus family.

Fanny and Benjamin Feibus

Dec 25, 1971

Services Provided by this portal
  • Hosted Feibus family tree  - your changes and input are required to keep this current and accurate
  • Links to your personal website
  • eMail forwarding for anyone wishing a lifelong email address that points to your preferred email mailbox

Services Not Provided by this portal

  • We will not be hosting web content (except the family tree)
  • We will not be hosting mail from this site - we will only provide a forwarding service - for life

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